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Ultimate AM Broadcast Band Antenna (Model: AM-2)New Product


NEW Smaller Size (25″) Amplified Shielded Magnetic Loop, using a design long recognized by professional broadcast engineers, the military and serious amateur radio operators as the ideal solution for Medium Wave reception with a relatively small antenna.                                                                                                      It takes advantage of the fact that radio waves consist of two components, an electrostatic field (E-wave) and a weaker magnetic field (or H-wave). Unlike standard ferrite loops, dipoles and long-wire antennas, it’s optimized to respond to the magnetic H-field component of the received signals and shielded from the electrostatic E-wave component of the received electromagnetic wave. Since most local interference (particularly AC power line radiated noise) has a large electrostatic E-wave component, it’s exceptionally effective at reducing this kind of interference and making it possible to receive signals obscured by local man-made noise sources.


Model: AM-2
Perfect for use in Challenging AM Reception Environments!